Hey y'all! Welcome to The Sweet Side!

My name is Kim, and I live in South Carolina with my husband, Bryan, and our three beautiful children. We love Jesus, family, and Clemson football (in that order) and do our best to make the most of this sweet, blessed life we get to spend in the most beautiful place on Earth... THE SOUTH!

Recently, my son told me that out of all his friends' moms, I was known as the "good food mom." Now, I'll admit, I really wanted to be the "cool mom," and I was a smidge jealous when I found out another mom in the group was already given that title.

But the more I thought about it, the more a sense of pride began to rise up in me.

I think people connect best over food... there's something about sitting down to a meal together or sharing a sweet treat with friends that brings people closer. And life is made so much sweeter through those relationships.

Most of my memories of family and childhood involve food. Mmmmm, mmmmm....my family loves to eat.

I can remember the guys cleaning doves on the carport after a hunt, or shelling peas with my granny on the back patio. I remember the smell of bologna frying up for lunch and sneaking a pinch of crust off the top of a peach cobbler before dinner.

My childhood was full of those weird little pear salads, a Heath Bar cake on my birthday each year, and making holly wreaths out of Corn Flakes and Red Hots at Christmas. And to this day, I don't know anybody that makes french toast as good as my daddy.

It's no wonder I find such joy in the kitchen preparing food for the ones I love. I love the feeling I get when they clear their plates, or ask for seconds, or request their favorite treats on their birthdays.

I love bringing the kids into the kitchen with me to help make my momma's Christmas tree cake with sprinkles or to help me mix cranberry salad at Thanksgiving. They love putting the berries on our flag cake for the 4th and decorating sugar cookies during the holidays.

I'm hopeful that when my children grow up, they'll enjoy these memories as much as I enjoy mine. That their childhood will be marked by time spent in the kitchen with their momma and the things we made together.

And as my son approaches the "teenage" years... there's not much I love more than seeing him and his friends around my little kitchen table. So, I'm okay with being the "good food mom". In fact, I'm proud of it.

For me, all this history and tradition...

swinging on the patio,

drinking sweet tea,

chasing lightening bugs,

running barefoot along a dirt path to grandma's house,

Beaufort stews and peach cobblers....

...well, that's The Sweet Side of the South and I invite y'all to experience a little piece of it with me.

So, welcome! Pull up a rocking chair and let's sit a while. Can I get you a little somethin' sweet to eat... maybe a cookie?

See you on the sweet side!