The Dance Dept Recital Gifts 2023

We are so excited to offer dance recital gifts again this year! These were a big hit the last few years! Our dancers get flowers from so many friends and family -- cookie gifts are a different option to add some sweetness to the mix!

Pre-order ONLY. No sales at pickup. Pre-order Wednesday, 4/26 at 5pm thru Friday, 5/5 at 11pm.

Like last year, we are offering two different pickup locations. Be sure to choose yours at checkout. 

Option 1: 1278 Portrait Hill Drive, Chapin (across from Spring Hill HS and Chapin MS); Pickup times will be offered on Wednesday (10a-8p), Thursday (10a-8p) and Friday (10a-2p) of recital week. 

Option 2: Pick up from the Koger Center area during rehearsal on Wednesday (5-7p) or Thursday (5:30-7p). 

Details on pickup will be emailed on Monday, May 15th.

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